The Louisville Agricultural Club consists of individuals and businesses who meet monthly in and around the Louisville, Kentucky area. The club strives to educate members on current agricultural practices as well as issues and concerns facing agricultural producers both locally and nationally. The Club’s main focus is to encourage and support the education of area youths interested in pursuing a career in agriculture and agriculture related fields.

The club was originally known as The Louisville Area Agricultural Club, but over the years it has become better known as Louisville Agricultural Club. The word Kentuckiana is probably the most accurate when describing the makeup of the club’s members. Currently, the club has members who reside in Bullitt, Fayette, Henry, Jefferson, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble Counties in Kentucky as well as Clark, Floyd, and Harrison Counties in Southern Indiana.

People who live in and around the Louisville area are probably not aware of the amount of agriculture located within its surrounding counties. Below are some surprising facts about the counties in which our club members reside.

  • Number of Farms: 9,506
  • Land in Farms: 1,243,379 acres
  • Average size of Farm: 126 acres
  • Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold: $411,015,000

For over sixty years the Louisville Agricultural Club has served as a communication link among Kentuckiana’s farmers, agribusinesses, agricultural colleges and universities, agricultural students, and others interested in agricultural issues. Seventeen people attended the first meeting, headed by Charles Keen, on December 15th, 1948 at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville.

By the end of its first year, the club had fifty members. The membership more than doubled over the next few years. Today, after many changes in the agriculture industry, the club still has 150+ members. This is astonishing when you think of the reduction in farms being experienced across the nation, and the urban sprawl which consumes a large portion of the area in which we serve. The Louisville Ag Club has become the largest forum on agriculture and agribusiness in the Louisville area.